Why Software Testing is a Must before Your Business App Launch.
Why Software Testing is a Must before Your Business App Launch.

Software testing is absolutely essential for any mobile application development company UAE who wishes to launch an app. You wouldn’t be meeting your customer’s requirements with your bug-ridden software. You would wish to create a predictively positive experience without any glitches.

Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look at the reasons why software testing is must before your business app launch.

1.      Mitigate Risk of Hackers


Recent security breach incidents have reiterated the importance of data security. One of the quickest and costliest ways of loosing customer trust is suffering from data breach.


The last decade has seen some massive data breaches, hence it is essential to keep your data safe from hackers. As for software for organisations rather than individuals, the stakes can be even higher.

Hackers target companies irrespective of size. Smaller companies are prone to security issues because hackers believe that they will have less secure and less robust software.

They steal passwords and email addresses and then use the same to infiltrate even bigger companies.

If your application has a mobile version, it is critical to ensure that it is subjected to more than production testing. Although software testing can’t always ensure a fool proof software application- many hackers succeed due to human negligence.


2.      Improve Customer Satisfaction


User friendly software is usually the outcome of testing. Although taking into account your customer during the designing phase is important, it is software testing that makes sure that you have succeeded in those goals, and continue to render quality at scale.


It can be worthwhile to bring in testers- either internally, or through an agency- who have experience working with the target audience of your app.

For instance, a software tester who have prior experience working with administrative software will watch out for the user-friendliness of the software for an administrator.      


At the same time, software for BCM (business continuity management), would have a different customer base and so would profit from testers who are familiar in this area of work. Video conferencing software would make this possible even with an agency managing everything for you.


3.      Keep Your Good Name Untouched


With more than half of the user base demanding at least a 4-star rating of any business they choose to use, it is absolutely vital that the reviews your application receive are positive as much as possible.        


If you are launching a new app, those first couple of reviews will bear the weight and could determine the success of your app. If you are going to release a bug ridden app, and the first few reviews are all negative, you are going to bear the brunt in the long term.


One of the best possible way of avoiding the loss of valuable potential customers and their good reviews is to make sure that you release an app that works. This appear evident, but you would be amazed how common bugs and glitches can be. If your competitor has flawless software, they will probably gain a competitive edge over you.


By preserving your customers as well as your reputation, you keep your business thriving. The high levels of quality of your software when it goes live will create good first impressions, and great continuing trust and ongoing trust and engagement with your customer base. It safeguards your company’s brand image and keep the company profitable by lowering the demand for support.

Primary goal of any business is customer retention. At the same time most customer’s primary goal is to find a cost- efficient and reliable service which does exactly what it claims to be. If you help them meet theirs, they can help you meet yours.


4.      It’s Cost Effective


Bug corrections are an expensive process while comparing to pre-testing software. Effective testing helps you bring down the costs of developing your software further, avoids dispensable tasks, and means your software developers can turn to their next project instead of doing firefighting on app that you have launched.


Another avoidable cost is reimbursing customers who have experienced faulty or buggy software via your software development company in UAE. Be it a simple refund or a compensation for a data breach, it will eat into your profits. This doesn’t even consider your customer’s lost time, your lost client and possibly bad reviews discouraging future customers.


Investing time and resources early on with the right testing will save you from later troubles further down the line. Prevention is better than cure! By delegating you’re testing to a good software testing company in UAE, you are already on the right direction.



An extensive software testing process, either automated, in-house, or you choose to delegate it to an external company, is important before you launch your business app into the world. It is a way to ensure that your app is safe and secure for your users, ward off hackers and secure your customer data. The user friendly focus of testing makes sure that your customers can use your app with ease to address their concerns, and won’t be searching elsewhere.