The Five Requisites for Software Testing
The Five Requisites for Software Testing

Software testing can be defined as the process of finding errors or gaps in a software application developed by a software company in Dubai so that it functions as per user requirements. Here are 5 essentials for software testing.

Test Strategy

The reason behind devising a test strategy is to find the types of tests that is best for the application, the order in which it should be done, the order of execution and the optimum amount of effort required to make the testing most effective and efficient.

A test strategy is usually founded on the prioritized needs and other available data of what is important to the end user. As it considers the time and resource crunch that you will be facing it tells you the optimal way of resource allocation to figure out the worst of defects.

Without a robust test strategy in place, you will be wasting valuable time on inefficient software testing in Dubai and miss out on some good testing options.

Testing Plan

A testing plan details out the tasks allotted to whom, when, starting and ending time, the required efforts etc. including the preparation work during all of the phases before testing. It clearly depicts the dependencies among tasks to create a pivotal path without surprises. You can detail out your testing plan as soon as your test strategy is finished. A point that should be remembered is that both your test strategy and test plan is subject to alterations as the project evolves. 

Test Cases

Test cases are developed based on the test strategy which outlines how much of each test type should be done which in turn is based on prioritized needs and acceptance criteria for the software, considering the customers emphasis on quality and the most recent assessment of what could likely go wrong.

Except for a minor number of ad-hoc testing, majority of your test cases in software testing companies in Dubai should be developed in advance of the start of testing. Also, you need to have a clear picture of the requirements and business rules well enough to foresee the end results. Without knowing what you want how can you say if the test is a pass or fail?   

Test Data

Besides coming up with detailed steps to execute your test cases, you also need to regularly come up with test data to use. This often matches a set of names, addresses, product orders, or whatever other data the system uses.

Test Environment

A testing environment is a software and hardware set up made exclusively to execute test cases. To say that simply, it enables test execution with hardware, software and network configured. It is set up as per the needs of the Application under testing. Test environments can be scaled down or miniature versions of the real thing, but all the parts need to be there for the system to actually function.


If you are new to the testing world or you want to improve on your testing skills, one significant thing you can do is to have all the above-listed essentials in place. Often testers struggle with inadequate resources, undocumented needs and lack of involvement with the development process during the initial stages of the software development life cycle.