Super Important Software Testing Rules Every Tester Should Keep in Mind
Super Important Software Testing Rules Every Tester Should Keep in Mind

Every product team works to deliver perfect software. In spite of the best of efforts, the software will inevitably have errors. Throughout the software development process, developers and product managers must engage in recurring software testing Dubai to ensure that the final product will function properly and meet the desired business requirements. 

  • Documentation: Sit down with the client and clarify all requirements. If possible get it in writing. Any ambiguity or confusion on the requirements can cause issues during the implementation or closure stage of the project. Be open to change in requirements while implementation. This brings us to the next step
  • Develop a broad & comprehensive test plan: This plan will be the basis for the testing methodology which will help you in the know of any requirements that might come up during the testing. This will also enable the team to understand the whole structure better and prevent any errors caused by any confusions or misinterpretations. 
  • Have a clear business understanding: To get a set of good and sensible test cases it’s necessary to have a clear idea about what the business is about. Understanding the business reason behind a requirement will help the software companies in Dubai write a better application and hence better testing scripts.
  • Inspect, review, Confirm!: Frequently review and confirm that all activities are carried out in accordance with the specified requirements. Missing out on any requirement can result in a disaster.
  • Use both Manual and Automation testing: Manual testing can provide great value by helping expose defects. While automated testing requires an initial investment to write the scripts, once they are complete they can be run repeatedly without any additional cost.