Software Testing Techniques Every Software Developer Should Know About
Software Testing Techniques Every Software Developer Should Know About

It is certain that any competitive developer will test the software before passing it on to the testing team or delivering it to the client, but how should they test and what should they test?

A number of software testing techniques are available in Dubai, a few of them need expert tools, and a few need test design to make them effective. What it takes is a bag of few tricks or techniques that are quick and easy to implement, and that would build more trust in the software that is being passed on to the test team or end users.               

An easily done technique is experience-based testing. These technique is most suitable for developers working in an environment where customer support or maintenance update is required for a product.

All it needs is to review reported customer support issues, defect logs or other issue records – this will supply with a checklist of issues that have arisen in the recent past. You can then check if you are delivering products with all the distinct issues that would upset the end user.

The next effective technique is use case testing. It is likely that you have designed the software around use cases or something equivalent in your software development company based in UAE. So there may be a flow chart for the use cases that determines all the things a use case should have and the things you should not, offers you a set of test cases that can be used. You may note the inputs and outputs for your test cases and reuse them or build something entirely new from them. 

Values on the border line are always worth examining. Checking whether dates and addresses are in correct format for the users or how frequent an iterative process repeats itself under any given conditions.

All these can be carried out with a simple set of inputs and intended outputs. How far you are ready to go rests with you- some limits should be important than the others.      

Decision tables can come in handy to examine that all the various alternatives are covered when you are giving your users options. You can present the various combinations that a user can possibly come up with and detect the desired result for each, including one that will produce an error message.  

Decision testing of the underlying software code is the most elaborate of these simple techniques that could be used in an application software development based in Dubai. It will always advisable to check every decision point in the software code and possible combinations of decisions brings out expected results.    

But these level of testing is never a surety for the correct working of software, instead it will provide the testing team with a strong foundation to work from or empower you with a confidence that there are no nasty surprises in store.