Tips and Advice to Improve Manual Testing
Tips and Advice to Improve Manual Testing

Manual testing is a resource and work-intensive process, but it offers you a glimpse into the end-user experience, the product's future. It also provides instincts into an expert human perspective and sees how the tests inform and improve the products final performance.

Benefits of Manual Testing

Manual testing is mostly considered as a primitive QA testing time. The truth is manual testing still offers much more advantages compared to automation to the software testing scenario. It will be the go-to option for user interface, usability, installation, error handling and elements of security testing.

It is true that it is necessarily a tedious process and demands monk-like patience, but there are always advantages in applying rigorous, critical human thinking to product testing.

Here are a few instances where manual testing is recommended over automation: 

  1. Improved Test Coverage: Automation testing alone can’t offer 100% test coverage- not without executing an expensive and complex multitasking act between testing tools. Manual testing can easily handle test scenarios that cannot be automated and is better at dealing with visual elements and user experience.   
  2. Test in Real-Time: Test scenarios like location tracking should be executed in a real-time environment. Manual testing is the best option for it.
  3. Testing New Features:  It is at its best when it is deployed upon existing features but when a new change occurs, it is best to employ manual testing to validate the application from a user’s perspective.
  4. Test from End User’s Stand Point: A human engineer can see the possible insights on how a user thinks. A computer can never empathize with the disappointment a user feels of a poorly designed interface. 

Hence manual testing unquestionably still holds a valuable place within testing regime inside a software development company in Dubai. The question is how to improve the manual testing scenario to boost results. 

The tips will speak how.

Tip 1: Make Use of a Competent QA Partner

Bringing in an experienced and more than competitive QA partner from any of the software companies in UAE, a decision-maker is added to the team. They will bring with them their domain expertise, tool and technology experience, and sense of business. This will help in deciding how to use manual testing effectively to improve product quality.

Tip 2: Supplement Automation Testing with Manual Testing

The best results are achieved when automation testing is used in consonance with manual testing. Maximize manual testing by reserving it for areas where it can bring in the maximum effect like subject validation, New or added functionality, strategically developed features etc. 

Tip 3: Be Agile

Manual testing always flourishes in an agile environment where continuous product iterations are tested and shaped by the input of different cross-functional teams. Involving technical and business teams in testing would give a full picture of the end-user experience.