3 Major Trends That Will Impact the Future of Software Testing
3 Major Trends That Will Impact the Future of Software Testing

Unlike anything else, technology has had more influence on how we test software. Considering the present advancements of technologies, this influence would only grow bigger. The wide adoption of Agile and the positive developments in an Agile ecosystem subsequently triggered further evolutions of software testing. For instance, the software testing UAE sector is shifting towards the trend of focusing primarily on user experience rather than on the quality, making sure that the users get what they asked for from the product and more. 

There will be more cultural shifts in software testing thanks to advancing technologies. Here are 3 major technologies that might redefine software testing from what we know now. 


Just a few years ago, the world was into ‘mobile-first’. Giving the user a great mobile experience became a priority for testers as well. On top of all that, hybrid applications started coming out. But now it’s a different trend that’s creating a bigger buzz – Artificial Intelligence. 

It’s been around for years, but only recently went mainstream. Though still considered to be in its infancy, AI has found its way into various industries across the globe including Software Development Dubai

With the increasing momentum of AI, we can expect significant changes in testing such as:

  • Easier generation of tests
  • Fewer test mistakes
  • Easier and faster CI/CD integration
  • More reusable tests
  • More involvement from non-technical people in automation


The Internet of Things is as prominent as AI today in the form of smart wearables, smart homes, connected cars, cloud-based techs etc. to name a few. With such a tech involved, there would be so many integrations and communications between devices every second, which means coming up with an effective testing approach would be challenging. The tester won’t even know where to start. 

Testing something as complex as IoT requires deep knowledge in the technology, and out-of-the-box testing strategies that focus on a different kind of integration testing than before. With more devices coming into the market every day, effective testing of IoT devices would be critical to organizations striving for a better future. 

QA as a Service

QA as a Service (QAaaS) is a relatively new trend much like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS which organizations have started using to meet their software testing needs. Companies that leverage QaaS solutions perform software testing differently and much easier. They will have specific, individual test case management solutions, test automation tools, test reporting tools, and easier integration capabilities. 

The servers that run automation tests will have their own hardware or storage-related issues. The need to keep it running properly while monitoring the speed of the server in processing tests is vital. QAaaS providers can tackle such issues, while the organization’s in-house team focus on critical tasks. 

With the service gaining popularity among larger organizations, the service providers will be thinking of new ways to improve their offerings so as to keep ahead of competition. 


Software and mobile app testing are bound for major changes thanks to technological advancements and innovations. Old testing methods will eventually become obsolete in the near future. With such changes on their way, it’s important for testers and organizations, especially the software testing companies in Dubai, to view the potential of the whole scenario in a new light and work at utilizing the opportunity for benefits.