An Introduction to VPS Hosting
An Introduction to VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server or VPS simply means a virtual machine that exists on a server with many such virtual machines. You will have your individual operating system installation with a VPS and as a result, can be achieved better control over system configuration. Additionally, programs and applications that are not permissible on shared hosting versions can be installed in this type of web hosting in UAE.


For persons with modest websites and elementary hosting necessities, shared hosting is all they require. But if you are a developer, a VPS plan fits yours wants better. 


Let’s now discover the different types of VPS hosting available.


Managed VPS Hosting


Managed VPS plans provide a managed atmosphere analogous to the shared hosting, but with amplified resource accessibility. If you would like to expand a shared hosting environment but are not set to make the dive to a dedicated server, managed VPS hosting UAE can be a better consideration. Also, if you are looking for some customizations that are not available with the shared hosting plans, VPS hosting can be a good option to handle the software upgrades, system governing tasks, and configuration alterations. All managed VPS plans comprise cPanel and reseller WHM access by default. 


Unmanaged VPS Hosting


Unmanaged VPS plans are intended for more forward-looking users who are calm using the command-line interface and are familiar with system administration jobs. This kind of web hosting in Dubai also contains access to a root account so that you can modify the server as much as required. As a consequence, you are accountable for various system functions including upgrades, security patches, application installation and configuration, custom partitioning reboots, backups, and broken user accounts fixing and password resetting.