Common Web Hosting Problems You Should Know About
Common Web Hosting Problems You Should Know About

People may experience many issues, be it trivial or serious, with web hosting occasionally regardless of how good the hosting provider is. The more annoying issues related to downtime, content display, layout etc. come out when migrating a website to a hosting platform. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common hosting problems according to the web hosting sector in Dubai

Seeing a “Coming Soon” page even after uploading website

This problem often annoys website owners after they spend hours migrating a website to the hosting platform. However, it’s not that hard to fix. The source of this particular issue could be one of two things.

  1. You simply loaded an older version of your website
  2. You uploaded the website to the wrong place on the hosting server

If it’s 1, simply clear your browser’s cache, restart the browser and try again.

If it’s 2, you got to upload the website again, and this time at the right location on your hosting account. Make sure to upload a valid index file (index.html or default.html) into the same directory as well. 

Website not displaying the changes made

Many hosting companies in Dubai get calls from clients who seem to complain about this particular issue. But this is not something that the hosting provider should fix. As a matter of fact, it’s a simple error that can be quickly resolved. All you need to do is clear your browser’s cache. 

Website that was up suddenly went down

This issue can cause some panic. It’s also one of the most threatening issues according to companies relying on dedicated server Dubai. People using expensive dedicated servers would least expect such an issue, as they are paying for first-class services and support. However, this issue doesn’t depend on the service quality in many cases. 

In general, there can be two causes. 

  • Your web host is experiencing downtime.
  • Something related to your domain name might have changed, most likely ‘DNS settings’. 

In both cases, you can contact your hosting company to see how long it would take to resolve the issue. Generally, a reliable web hosting company would let you know beforehand that there would be a planned downtime if the systems are undergoing maintenance. If it’s unplanned, it could complicate things. Either way, you can get your hosting company prioritize the issue and resolve it immediately to get your website back online.

Website not displaying any images

This issues arises when:

  • The images weren’t properly uploaded to your hosting account
  • They have been uploaded to the wrong folder

To make sure that this isn’t a failed upload issue, just re-upload the images. If that isn’t working, you could’ve been uploading images to the wrong folder the entire time. When your website opens, right-click on the area where an image is supposed to be and click on “Open image in a new tab”. This new tab will show you the URL your website uses. The next step is to move all your images to that directory you saw in the URL. The images should appear the next time you load the website. 


There are still more issues associated with web hosting that you may come across. But the ones mentioned in this article are the most common. The hosting company plays a key role in either helping you avoid such mistakes or rectifying them should they arise. Considering all the risk factors involved, it’s recommended to hire a reputed web hosting company that also provides domain registration, UAE.