Why You Should Host Your Website on Windows?
Why You Should Host Your Website on Windows?

Windows hosting for companies in Dubai is a type of web hosting that locates the user file on a web server that runs on a windows operating system. It supports the conventional hypertext markup language files. Generally, there are two alternatives to web hosting- Linux and Windows.   

Although Linux dominates the hosting arena, windows is fast gaining popularity and is more widely adopted. Admirers of windows hosting often claim that it is one of the easier web hosting to be used in UAE especially when it comes to including more features to expand your website. Hosting Companies in UAE can help you.

Windows Hosting is also backed by Microsoft, which regularly provides updates to keep your hosting secure and free of bugs.

Here are a few benefits that is offered by windows for hosting users.

#1. The .Net framework

Windows hosting is the ideal choice for websites that is based on ASP.NET, ASP, .Net Core, and SQL server users. In fact, it is the only hardware capable of running the Visual Basic or .Net programming language. Also, it is the best choice for active server pages (.ASP).

 # 2. Extensions on front page

If you are using Microsoft front page web design program, using windows hosting will make your work much easier. You will not have to worry too much about making sure if your server supports web extensions.

#3. Ease of Use

Familiarity with windows operating system is universal. This makes it easy for web hosting companies in UAE using windows server.


# 4. Access Compatibility

Windows is the ideal choice for websites that need to collect their data from an access database because it can integrate the database seamlessly.

#5. Compatibility and Continuing Expert Support

Many applications including internet information services, to SQL are developed keeping in mind the compatibility with windows server. But the same cannot be argued with Linux and Unix.

#6 Cost Efficient

In terms of cost, windows have beaten all other types of hosting. A major contributor is the license held by Microsoft. You can avail a feature rich hosting plan on windows at a nominal cost.

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