How Managed Hosting Can Help your eCommerce Business
How Managed Hosting Can Help your eCommerce Business

Though dedicated server hosting is widely preferred in UAE, managed hosting services are also rising in popularity and demand in the web hosting Dubai industry. Like the name suggests, managed hosting is a service wholly managed by the service provider. The provider will monitor, manage, and secure the hosting server. The servers are owned by the providers but will generally house only your websites. Flexibility is clearly more than what shared hosting services can give you. The added benefit is that you will still have control on the server and its hardware. The provider only manages it for you. 

Managed Hosting Services from Providers 

  • Installation - The provider sets up the server, installs the control panel and the OS (Windows or Linux). The buyer is given administrative access to the server. 
  • Monitoring - The hosting server, network, databases, website uptime etc. are monitored by the provider. 
  • Security audits - The provider performs security scans on the server to ensure that it’s devoid of bugs or viruses. Generally, this is done once a month. 
  • Support - Installs, monitors, and updates applications running on the server. The provider also installs patches and bug fixes for the operating system.
  • Troubleshooting - The hosting provider assigns a team to resolve issues in the server should they arise. 
  • Upgrades - The hosting provider upgrades the hardware and software of the server based on client demands. 
  • Backup services - The hosting providers performs backup of the website data either daily or weekly. They can be asked to restore the backup files in case of emergencies. 

How it Helps eCommerce Businesses

For a multi-faceted eCommerce business, managing the website alone can be challenging. In addition, the business owner will have to invest time for managing the hosting server as well. This also requires the owner to have some amount of technical knowledge regarding server configurations and management. 

Every time an issue with the hosting server arises, they will have to spend time resolving the issue while handling business operations at the same time. This is where managed hosting services can be of benefit. It is ideal for eCommerce businesses that are unable to spare the time to manage hosting servers. With a managed service, they will be able to focus wholly on business-generation activities while the hosting provider monitors and maintains the server. A reputed web hosting company can even help the business establish its online presence with SEO boosting add-ons in the hosting server.