Managing Data Center Resources - What You Need to Know
Managing Data Center Resources - What You Need to Know

The IT infrastructure that we are familiar with today is the result of a number of exponential evolution - transforming it from a localized environment to a distributed, secure data center driven by the most powerful technologies in the world. This transition impacted even the web hosting UAE industry which hasn’t seen much growth ever since dedicated servers became the norm for resourceful firms while shared servers helped smaller firms and individuals.

Managing the resources in a localized data center is easier compared to managing a data center where resources are distributed across remote environments. 

In this article, we will take a look at a few things you need to know to manage data center resources. 

Effective planning

Effective planning is not just about devising a plan and executing it properly. The entire team should be aware of what the plan is going to achieve, and how it’s going to drive the data center infrastructure. Lack of proper planning or communication can lead to mismanagement that will subsequently increase expenses and bring forth new issues. 

Constant monitoring

Web hosting companies have started offering a wide variety of hosting services. There are hosting companies that also offer services domain registration in Dubai either as a complementary bonus or as a paid add-on to their hosting package. But despite all their offers, many companies still don’t bring visibility to the hosting server’s performance. If they can’t do things well internally in their own data centers, how can they be expected to be true to their service promises?

Those companies that do offer constant monitoring of their data center resources that include hosting servers often tend to lag when it comes to the management of holistic IT operations. Present infrastructure management advancements however seem to be changing things for the better facilitating real-time visibility into operations. 

Third party management tools

Using reliable third party tools properly not only allows hosting companies to expand their service potential but also understand how their data center resources are being utilized. Third party tools make it easier for budding hosting companies to keep track of the utilization of resources and ensure that they are efficiently distributed.

Proactive management

Remote data center resource management is much easier today thanks to new tools and technologies. Presently, hosting companies with data centers can follow one of two approaches to manage remote data center resources. 

  • Controlled management
  • Service-driven management

The former is more common where managers and server administrators of a company employ a range of tools to monitor and manage resource utilization in remote environments, and meet infrastructure needs effectively. 

The latter is where data center management is outsourced to a third-party vendor. Even then, the company should have a policy in place to ensure visibility of existing workloads. 

A properly managed data center also grants an organization a certain extent of service expansion capabilities as well. For instance, a website hosting company with an efficiently managed data center will be able to potentially expand their list of service offerings – say add email hosting to the repertoire. Many leading companies offering the service in the email hosting UAE sector have managed data centers with optimum resource utilization.


Regardless of the type of remote distributed infrastructure in use, organizations must invest in effective management of data centers. With the cloud seemingly accelerating the growth of data centers, administrators and managers will also need to determine the extent of visibility required to keep things functioning.