Things to Know Before Choosing SEO Friendly Web Hosting Providers
Things to Know Before Choosing SEO Friendly Web Hosting Providers

It is common knowledge that SEO is crucial for any website. With everything online SEO friendly hosting providers in Dubai can be the website owners best ally or an impending foe. This article discusses the things every website owner should look out for while choosing a hosting provider.

1. High Uptime Guarantee

Nobody likes to wait anywhere, let alone the virtual world. A website with huge waiting time is a mood dampner and you’ll probably prefer just another website.          Server uptime refers to the proportion of time a website is operational for visitors. 

A website with high website ranking is highly likely to have high website uptime.  Pro SEO web hosting providers in UAE offer atleast a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and that’s decent.  So the solution lies in finding a hosting provider with the least downtime as possible so it doesn’t affect your search page ranking.

2. Server Location

A website’s performance is directly related to the location of the server hosting your website and your user. It is the same for both shared, VPS, or dedicated server hosting in Dubai plan. It will be absurd to have your website server in Italy while your user is in India. It will make sense if your users can access the website closer to their location because the farther the web server is, the longer the load time for your site. Besides load time, there are also performance issues. So never let things that you can actually control to imperil your SEO performance.

3. Check for the Reviews

In the digital age reviews matter because it is the best way to have an unbiased opinion. Besides review, check for the social media and forums to know what people are talking about your potential hosting company in Dubai to get a clear picture. And also ask around for an honest opinion.

4. High Efficient Support Network

It is very important to have someone when things go wrong. If your web site has any issue, a good support team should be available at all times. Reliable hosting providers offer 24/7 support both online and offline as part of their deal. In this age of social media, hosting providers also provide support through their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

A good and reliable SEO friendly webhosting is like a silent cheerleader working for your company in the background.  So search for the best.