VPS hosting for E-commerce: A guide to Performance and Profitability
VPS hosting for E-commerce: A guide to Performance and Profitability

VPS hosting for E-commerce: A guide to Performance and Profitability.


In 2022, the cost of cybercrime against e-commerce businesses was estimated to be $2 trillion, up from $1.5 trillion in 2021. The eminent need for highly secure operational processes and scalability challenges are serving as a base for VPS adoption by many eCommerce businesses. Let’s hop on this bandwagon to see how it levels up eCommerce web hosting in the UAE.


VPS hosting overview


Virtual private server or VPS offers multiple layers of security and flexibility for eCommerce websites. The build of VPS is based on virtualization technology which eliminates single point failures or security breaches. VPS outclasses shared hosting services by giving the freedom to scale up the server with tailor-made features for a business.


Advantages of VPS Hosting for eCommerce Website


  • Easy to Scaleup your Server Resources
  • Stability
  • Complete Root Access
  • Round-the-clock Customer Support
  • Better Performance and Speed
  • Regular or Daily Backup
  • Advanced secured Data Centres


When should you consider using a VPS


  • Whenever your shared or reseller hosting account's architectural and resource limits are exceeded.
  • Your shared host does not support installing custom modules or applications.
  • When you require root access to the server.
  • Software development and testing in a virtual environment.
  • Handling sensitive data when you process financial transactions.
  • In times of extreme traffic fluctuations.


Features of VPS hosting


From our experience with VPS cloud hosting in Dubai, some of its features showed great promise. They are:


  • High-end hardware integration
  • DDoS security protection
  • Fully managed Resources
  • High-end software tools
  • cPanel and Plesk Full root control


Profitability with VPS


VPS clouding hosting companies in Dubai have helped the middle eastern eCommerce market to refine their website game. The profitability accounts in terms of cash and kind. Like:


 Increased Reliability: VPS hosting offers better reliability than shared hosting, as it provides dedicated resources that are not shared with other users. 


• Enhanced Security: Any malicious activity or security threats targeting other websites on a shared server will not affect the performance of your online store as it has its dedicated servers.


• Scalability: As your server's power and storage capacity change, you can upgrade its resources.


• Improved Performance: Your website will load faster and be more responsive, making it easier for customers to shop in your store.


• Cost Savings: VPS hosting can save you money in the long run, as it offers more flexibility and control over the resources allocated to your store. 




Online stores can benefit from VPS hosting in many ways, including increased reliability, enhanced security, scalability, improved performance, and cost savings. Choose your VPS cloud hosting partners carefully and you’re sure to gain momentum in the market.